Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sibling Love

How often can you say the reason your child doesn't want to go to school is because they will miss their little sister? I love the close relationship my children have with each other. They are always protecting and thinking about each other. If Marquis gets a treat from school he almost always shares it with Kaitlyn. One day Kaitlyn and I went to the bank and she got a sucker. She looked at me and said "Mommy, I'm going to save this for Marquis." I hope this never ends I hope they can cherish their special friendship forever! I LOVE MY KIDS!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quick Update

Ok, I know I'm HORRIBLE with updating this. I can promise to do better..but lets face it...I'm me, lol. Anyway, to let you know what's been going on here.

Marquis started 1st grade on Aug. 22. He has an absolutely AMAZING teacher. She is able to deal very well with his lack of focusing skills. It's wonderful to hear a teach tell me that she knows he tries so hard to focus but just can't. He's doing wonderfully academically. He has aced all of his test so far. :) We are so proud of him and thankful that no medication has been necessary! Such a blessing!

Kaitlyn is doing really well. She is taking a break from gymnastics. she just got so bored with it that we decided to give her a break and try again in a year or so when it's actually more challenging and different. She is doing preschool with a few friends from Church. She loves to read and learning. She's always asking for more and more information to learn. Wonder what will happen next year...hopefully she won't be too bored in Kindergarten!

Mike is still working for the IRS. He's also going to school. Yes, we are again doing the college thing. He takes only two classes a semester but this semester he is gone 4 nights a week at least until the mid Oct. It's not too bad though we do miss him. He is so good at balancing his time between the kids, school, and work. I couldn't ask for a better father for my kids! He's AMAZING!!!

As for me, well as usual I'm very busy. I don't think I know how to not be busy. :) I'm teaching the preschool that Kaitlyn and her friends are doing. It's so much fun. I really do enjoy it but it sure does take a lot of work....really makes me thankful for Marquis' preschool teacher and all the effort she made to make it such a wonderful experience! I get to visit with Mike's grandma once a week which is such a wonderful thing. My grandparents have all passed on so it's nice to have a grandma to talk to. She's such an amazing lady and a huge blessing for us to treasure and enjoy. The kids love spending time with her especially Kaitlyn.

So, there's our latest...maybe I'll get around to putting some pictures up. Overall, we are doing really well. I'm really enjoying the weather here just wish we could be closer to family...but we do have Mike's Grandma and Allison here! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Beard

So the other night Kaitlyn and I were talking. She was brushing her fingers on my face and was asking why I didn't have a beard. I explained to her that only boys get beards. She had a really sad face and said she wanted a beard. Then she thought for a minute and asked why Marquis didn't have one. I told her of course that boys get them when they get older and that Marquis isn't old enough to grow one but that someday he would. After a little bit of time I asked Kaitlyn if she was getting older. She replied yes...and then thought for a minute and put her fingers on her cheeks and exclaimed "Mommy, I think I'm getting a beard because I'm getting older!" My silly little girl. She thinks of the funniest things sometimes. Lately, she keeps telling me that she's going to grow into a baby. Some how she thinks she can grow in whatever direction she wants...backwards or forwards! So silly!

We are all doing well. We enjoyed a great visit from Mike's mom. She was here for a few days this past week and we really loved having her here. She very kindly helped me to finish Marquis' weighted blanket. She was able to get my machine to work...I'm still marveling over that one. (Every time I have tried the bobbin part was bunching up I read the manual over and over and never could make it work for more then a few stitches.) I'm so thankful to have that done and he does seem to sleep a little bit better with it so well worth the effort!

Life here is going well. We are enjoying being with our little family and really is there anything else? So, there I'm doing a bit better with updating...maybe I'll even get some pictures up........well, maybe ;)

Mr .Helper

Mr .Helper
He loves to help, here he is helping to paint our master bathroom!

Our "Kit Kat"

Our "Kit Kat"
She's growing up so fast!